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Traffic limits

Limit system has been introduced in order to avoid misuse of the student network like transfer of abnormally big amounts of data. The dormitory network is primarily intended for study purposes and its excess load limits users who are using it in accordance with its purpose.

Therefore, every registered device has a specified weekly quota for upload and download to the network *INET and **UTCNET, data transferred between devices connected to the IK network on dormitories VD and Hliny are not counted. After exceeding one of the quotas (download OR upload), access to the specific network will be denied.
Limits are using a "floating-window" system - so NOT the way that one day in the week your quota gets reset, but every minute is decreased actual amount of transferred data by specific step (for upload & downlaod approximately 10MB/min). It continues until actual the amount of transferred data reaches zero.

Table of IK limits:

INET - The network outside of The University of Žilina
* * UTCNET - The University of Žilina network ( except the IP addresses of dormitories VD and Hliny).

Example of how IK limits are working
Upload is 100 GB/week, that is 14GB/day and 10MB/minute. If your upload for a minute is lower that 10 MB, amount of transferred data isn’t increased

Initial quota0 MB
Per minute transfer5,0 MB
Actual quota after the minute0 MB

Initial quota

0 MB
Per minute transfer40 MB
Actual quota after the minute30 MB

Initial quota

0 MB
Per minute transfer100 MB
Actual quota after the minute90 MB

inet limits
If you reach or exceed the maximum amount of transferred data you will be disconnected. Your connection to the specific network will be restored, when amount of transferred data to the given network will be less than the quota.

Advantageous tarif rates

The standard tariff rate is 1 - whole amount of transferred data is added to actual value. When the network load is low (at night and weekends), the data get multiplied by advantageous tariff rate. For example, if the tariff rate is 0.1, then only a tenth of the transferred data is counted.

Table of advantageous tarif rates

Tuesday - Friday01:0007:000,10,1
Other days00:0023:5911

*** Values of tariff rates can be changed. You will be notified about the changes.
**** Values of tariff rates is valid only for INET

You can check the current state of your quotas after you log in to the NMS. For quick frequent checks of the limits, you can use NMS Checker.



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