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NMS Checker

NMS Checker is a program for performing periodical checks of the limits of  devices against NMS.
The program runs on background and regularly checks the amount of transferred data in the specified time interval. If a value is closing to its maximum, the user gets a message about this fact - a sound, a pop-up window, or a tray balloon (configurable).

Properties of NMS Checker:
  • Written in Java (you need Java VM to run)
  • Supports remembering of login information and automatic login after program start
  • Configurable interval between limit checks, border value to warn the user, and type of message about closing limit overrun
  • Minimize on start - setting
  • Automatic update check
  • For now, it is in Slovak only, sorry...

You can write to the author how you like the program and if you have discovered any bugs.


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