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Dormitory Veľký Diel

Dormitory Hliny


Basic information

Catering establishment Hliny

Catering establishment Veľký Diel

On Veľký Diel you can have a meal at the catering establishment New Menza (in the picture below). Home page Nová menza.


You can get your meal using your ISIC card, which is evided in the database of Kredit users.
Before first use, the ISIC card must be activated in the box-office New Menza and you have to raise your credit. You can activate booking of meals via internet too, at the address strava.uniza.sk - you will be assigned a username and password, which can be changed later.
Box office is open from 10:00am to 1:00pm at business days (to 1:30pm on Friday and to 1:00pm at weekends), automat works nonstop.


Booking of meals is possible to 7:00pm of the day before the day you want to book your meal to (only to 1.00pm on Friday). Only midday dinners can be booked. You can book your meal by using the booking terminal, or on an information place (PC with touch-sensitive panel) - information place gives you the same information as web interface. When using the terminal, you hold your card by the terminal, press the number according to the meal you want to book and then put the card to the terminal again. Advanced possibilities of booking are available in the place.
At the meal desk you just hold your card by the terminal for a second. The number of your meal will appear and the meal will be given out to you.

Minute system

If you don't want to book, you can use the minute system. You just choose the meal you would like (according to number) and it is currently to your disposal. At the meal desk you press the number of the meal and then hold the card at the terminal. The number of your meal will be shown on the display and your meal will be given out to you. This applies only to midday dinners. For dinner you just always press the number 4 and take the meal they have to your disposal.

New Menza - front of the building

 Meal desk for menu 6

 Section for staff and graduates

 Catering establishment on Faculty of Management Science and Informatics


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