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Getting meals

You can get your meal only if you have enough money on you chip card. You can deposit your money in cashier's office Nová Menza or by using the machine for this purpose in the hall of Nová Menza (min. deposit 0,5€).


Enter the number and put your card to the terminal.
  • Number 9 - hot meal or hamburger
  • Number 8 - baguette

Choose your meal from the showcase. Every meal is numbered. According to this number, go to the particular meal desk. Press the number you have chosen before and put your card to the terminal. The number will show in the display for the operating staff. If you have previously ordered your meal, just put your card to the temrinal, don't press anything.


Enter the number and put your card to the terminal.
  • Number 4 - hot meal
  • Number 5 - pizza
  • Number 8 - baguette
If anything is unclear to you, just ask the operating staff.



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